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​"The best things in life take up very little room in our homes, too much room in our beds and just about all the space in our hearts."


Renate's Fosters (Facebook) is disappointed to announce that all animals in our care must be adopted, and in order to recoup funds we are no longer taking animals at this time. All current adoptions will be listed here on our Petfinder home page.

Please refer to our community resources to facilitate your needs. We sincerely regret that we cannot help you personally, as it has been our greatest honor and joy. 


You can Sponsor a pet, or Donate towards care and vetting at:

In response to community need, we will also start hosting local dogs and cats in need of re-homing on our petfinder website. However you are responsible for keeping your own animal until it is adopted. We will utilize our petfinder and facebook pages to help you with the process and screen potential adopters. View our Resources link for more details. 


Donations are what make it possible for us to accept new animals, if you would like to donate to the cause you can do so on our Donations Page. Food, Funds and Supplies are all welcome! Thank you! 

Renate Ussery
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